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REDUCE COSTS in editorial operations, pagination procedures, and technology across multiple locations, while maintaining and improving quality and service to community readers and advertisers

Project Focus

  • Suburban Newspaper Editorial and Pagination Operations
  • Assess and redesign operations model to improve organization structure, processes, workflows, procedures and tools
  • Train and coach a client task team to implement changes

Client Gains: Financial and Operating Benefits

  • 25% reduction in page handling process
  • 22% reduction of annual labor cost due to efficiency gains
  • Significant reduction of annual technology costs
  • Training program for editorial department that can be modified for use in other operational areas
  • Realigned editor’s functional responsibilities to focus 35% more time on the community

Key Changes that Supported Client Goals

  • Developed an activity-based staffing model to reorganize and functionally realign the editorial operations of multiple publications in multiple locations
  • Identified key indicators and reports, including: editor to masthead ratio; benchmarks and standards for department workflows and performance; reporting process from reporter through to publisher; and monthly financial reporting and review process for publishers and corporate management
  • Centralized specialty products group
  • Centralized the pagination process, redefined deadlines by masthead and revised processes to balance the intersecting needs of page production, masthead, pagination, production requirements, and deadlines
  • Adjusted staffing and scheduling approach to support new processes
  • Developed new communication processes
  • Established training programs which covered performance management training for all editorial and management staff, and trained internal resources to be implementation coaches and skills trainers