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WhatWillItTakeThe arrival of Q4 signals the approach of a new year, and the question “what will it take?” resounds in minds and meetings.  Strategic planning, performance improvement or change implementation challenges can be daunting and they seldom reconcile themselves in any desirable way.  The scale, technical requirements, stakeholder mix and interdependencies associated with such initiatives can be prohibitive, especially in the vortex of daily business.

If available manpower, expertise or objectivity don’t square with the challenge, a temporary infusion of capacity may be the answer.  Undertaking remodeling of your home or vehicle can be fun and rewarding if you have the time for the learning curves and latitude for the outcome.  But in the business realm, time is money and we never get a second chance at last quarter.  Ever better strategies and operational models are essential in our highly competitive economy, and delays, derailments and rework in designing and implementing them will cost exponentially.

Bringing in additional resources signals firm commitment to the objectives, preserves the capacity of the organization to meet current business demands, brings objectivity, information, ideas and tools into the organization and adds resilience for the difficulties inherent in change.   If you choose well and work in open partnership with your management consultant, you’ll realize your organizational goals more quickly, improve customer satisfaction and workforce morale, and gain greater internal capacity for problem solving.

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