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Welcome to the Alliant Exchange

Most of you are responsible for managing people.  That is a challenging role that requires specific tools and skills. The Alliant Exchange is a resource center where you can sharpen your skills and upgrade your tool box.

Alliant’s goal is to help organizations achieve immediate performance objectives while launching a crusade for continuous improvement. This is why we form teams that include client employees from all levels and guide them to identify and solve root cause issues.

  • It is why we do so much training on communication and why we’ve established a section of this blog devoted to the art of effective communications.   In today’s business environment time constraints, technology challenges and organization structures themselves add to the difficulty of this already challenging but critically important element of organizational and personal success.
  • It is why we work with you to establish performance standards and then build workflows and organization structures designed to meet them.  Our “Function and Form” category will focus on principles of effective workflows, functional alignment and workforce management.
  • It is why we establish metrics that track performance and provide clues as to where the next level of performance can be found.  “Measuring Success” provides insight on what, when and how to measure progress.
  • It is why we spend so much time with front-line managers and supervisors – providing the tools and training required to cultivate a high-performance culture, another category at the Exchange.  Here, we’ll discuss the elements and process of developing a culture that consistently delivers high performance and high morale.

And this is why we are launching this blog.

If you have worked with us, we want to continue to be a resource for you and to see how you have built on your experience with Alliant.  I’m pretty sure you have much to offer us and others who will participate in the Exchange.

If you are just becoming acquainted with Alliant, we want to introduce you to the people we’ve worked with and the concepts and tools we use to help our clients achieve their near and long-term goals.

Whether this is “welcome” or “welcome back”, please participate in this blog exchange. We’re starting with just a few categories, expecting you will help us add more. Let us know what your challenges and interests are. We encourage guest posts, comments and questions.  Check out one of our articles.  Tell us what you think. Ask a question. Enjoy the Exchange.  Click on a category and let the conversation begin!

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