Alliant Consulting Aligning people, processes and metrics to meet your business goals.

For more than three decades, the Alliant team has provided innovative management consulting to a broad range of satisfied clients. Our principal’s early work was in the field of industrial productivity, with a focus on short-interval scheduling and management control systems. From these beginnings, our team and approach have evolved to employ new strategies designed to yield sustainable results in a service-driven economy.

In the mid-80s, clients were asking our business consultants how to build morale, customer retention and revenue growth in the wake of cost-cutting measures. While employee involvement was key – and remains so today – the operational redesign projects inevitably put a strain on daily business activities. Keeping everyone focused on running the business during the lengthy and complex process of change was a challenge.

We turned the microscope on ourselves, and examined our own processes, looking for opportunities to improve our clients’ experience. A new system of delivery emerged – featuring a process that optimizes participation and learning at all levels and meets key performance measures in a timely manner, without straining daily business operations.

The Alliant Consulting approach will strengthen and align your people, your process and your metrics to drive customer loyalty, employee morale, and economic success. It’s worked in a broad spectrum of industries and operating areas. Every project is a learning experience, and we’ll never stop pushing ourselves to create long-lasting value for our clients, their employees, and their customers.

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